About me

My name is Przemek Lipski, I was born_ some time ago. Well, I’ll confess when I was born. I was born in 1971, that’s very good year because world heard my scream (I think that children always screams after being born). I’m Libra because my birthday is on october 19th. I lived in Choszczno in Poland till december 2007. Now, I live in Dublin.I went to more than one school in my life. When I was 7 years old, I was learning in elementary school in Choszczno. When I graduated elementary school I went to Agricultural Mechanics Tech High School in Stargard Szczecinski. Then I went to The Technical University of Szczecin and I graduated this school as a Master of Science in the field of Electronics & Telecommunications, specialization in Computer-Controlled Systems in 1998.

I love photography and Jacek Kaczmarski’s writings. I like playing Kaczmarski’s songs on the guitar.

In photography my favourite theme is woman. Best if she isn’t wearing too much, and the very best if she has no clothes but this is not a condition ;-) I also take pictures of wild-life, landscapes and many other things. I don’t’ leave the house without my camera.

A long time ago I was taking photos with an analog camera Zorka, next Zenit 122, Practica MTL3 and I bought my first digital camera Olympus few years ago. It was very good camera however it limited my photographic possibilities, that’s why I bought DSLR camera Canon 350D. Then I bought a grip, lenses and many other stuff and there’s no end to my purchases…

Now, I’m working with DSLR Canon 5DmII and usually with lens EF 85/1,8 (sometimes of course I use other lenses for example: EF 50/1,8; Sigma 12-24…)
And that’s all in this time…

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